Polar Vortex Assaults Metro Delivery

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Now that it’s a balmy, tropical 19 degrees outside, we’re all lounging around in our swimsuits here at Metro. Last week’s “Polar Vortex” was some of the most punishing weather that  we’ve ever experienced here in the frozen North, with Detroit at the lowest temperature ever recorded (since 1870 when they started keeping records). It was negative 14 degrees on January 6 and 7, and let’s not discuss “wind chill” because it just makes us feel like we have a really bad latitude.

Also, Snow. Drifting up to four feet in some areas. Look at the back door into our building on Monday. That’s a fine welcome to work:

Welcome to Work














…As a Courier company specializing in medical specimen delivery, we don’t have the option of huddling at home in a tub of cocoa like we’d like to.

If we don’t make our rounds, people could have serious health repercussions. So we all showed up. and slogged on through, even though some of the diesel engines went into hibernation:

Please Tow Me Through My Delivery Route Wouldja












…The Metro Team did FANTASTIC work during these extreme conditions. Everybody pulled together and made it through, despite the kind of adversity that reduces lesser humans to weepy puddles of nervous mush. We’re a lucky, lucky company to have such dedicated, terrific coworkers.

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