About Us

Used Postal Jeep to Satellites

Metro Delivery was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan 1984 with one used postal jeep, one Ford Ranger, two employees, two desks and one phone.  Now there’s a fleet of vehicles, road and support staff, specialized software and satellites – but some things remain the same.

Our success is still based on being scrupulously honest, working hard and doing right by our customers. It’s an old fashioned formula as valid today as it was when we made our first delivery so many years ago.

Being a Good Citizen

Our mission is to be a good citizen in the fullest sense. To make a contribution, to protect our employees, to do well by our customers.

We volunteer deliveries and staff to trusted charities with whom we’ve had long associations, like Food Gatherers, Toys for Tots and others who do great things in our community – and we help our employees get involved by supporting charities of their choosing. By doing these things, we believe everything around us will be just a little bit better. And that matters.

2016 Ann Arbor Jaycees July 4th Parade

Small Town, Old-Fashioned Ways

We’ve got 25 plus years of great references in the delivery business because our staff cares about you in the small town, old fashioned, our-customers-are-our-friends, kind of way.

Real people answer our phones, no phone tree here. And, as our regulars will attest, our phone folks know your name and usual orders – and frequently recognize your voice before you say who you are.


High-Tech, Your Way

Oldfangled values, newfangled systems!

Order deliveries online, access real-time GPS tracking, signatures, and online reports by logging in with your Metro Delivery Online Account.

All couriers carry smartphones and are in constant contact, with oversight provided by our trained Dispatch staff.


Dispatch taking orders.

Direct Employment

All of our people are directly employed. It’s good for you, good for us – and, quite honestly, just the right thing to do.

Direct employment means our delivery drivers work just for us while they’re doing your deliveries, not multiple companies, and we require uniforms and picture IDs, conduct comprehensive training and establish standards. It also means we do pay employee benefits, including medical and dental insurance, a 401K, and other costs willingly assumed as a responsible employer and citizen.

We do not subcontract, or hire out to independent contractors. With direct employment, we stay legally in full control of your deliveries for the good of your business and ours.


  • Express Carriers Association
  • A Washtenaw County Waste Knot Partner








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