Ah, Canada.

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Metro Delivery uses the Courier Complete and Fleet Complete Software for online ordering and tracking made by Complete Innovations, who are located just Northeast of Toronto, in Markham, Ontario.

So every once in a while we get to visit them, talk over technical issues, and see what life is like in a FOREIGN COUNTRY. It’s a strange and wonderful place, Canada.




to tell you the truth, the Tunnel to Windsor makes us feel a little claustrophobic.




The first thing we notice is the complete lack of potholes. The second thing we notice are literally thousands of giant wind turbines. It’s very futuristic.

poutine We stopped for lunch, and they gave us a nourishing dish called “Poutine,” consisting of cheese curds and gravy served over french fries. We got a version with pulled pork, but with the mayo on the side so that it’d be low-calorie.









in Mississauga, we found a couple of buildings that had just eaten Poutine for lunch.















We had our meetings, and the following morning found ourselves on the shores of Lake Ontario, which is one of the few Great Lakes we don’t see here in Michigan. Look, is that a Canada Goose Crossing sign?

on the shores of lake ontario














canada geese

For breakfast we had Eggs Benedict, made with peameal Bacon. Our cardiologist is glad we don’t go to Canada more often.

eggs benedict
















On the way back, we took the Ambassador Bridge back into Detroit. Home at last.ambassadorrencen Immediately, we hit a pothole.





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