Nona’s Story

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Late last fall as it was starting to get colder, especially at night, she started coming round in the evening looking for food or warmth, something. One of our drivers, Bob Bazzell, took pity on her and started bringing in cat  food so he could feed her before getting on the road.

 Next thing you knew, we had an official Office Cat. She was in bad shape back then, so emaciated her backbone felt like the edge of a table knife, her coat worse to the touch than it looked and it looked pretty bad. The vet said starved as she was, she’d lost the strength to keep herself clean.

 We thought she was a kitten, six or eight months old we guessed. Surprise, vet said ten years old. That was shocking and kind of dismaying. She had a flea collar, too small it was digging into her neck, and she’d obviously been around people so she wasn’t feral.

 Did she get lost or did somebody just put such an old cat out? We put her picture up on the Found Cats section at the Humane Society, but nobody ever claimed her. And nobody had reported her missing. The name we gave her came from having “no name,” which is what the vet first put on her medical records.

 But her favorite person, Jessica Nowling, calls her Kitty Meow Meow. She sleeps (a lot) under Jessica’s desk and ventures forth as she will. She always has a full food bowl and all the attention she deems desirable. She is an inside cat who knows what outside is and wants no more of it.


Bob says he’s sure she still remembers he was the one who brought her in. She is plump now  pleasingly so and her coat is all clean and shiny and nice to touch. She rules with an iron paw, queen of all she surveys. We all have a new boss now.

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