Groundhog Day in June!

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Here Hoggy hoggy hoggy!!!


When our driver Dick Nolan came to work Monday morning, he brought along a special passenger in his engine compartment. It was a groundhog! He called the Humane Society when he noticed it and they promptly dispatched an animal rescue officer to help get it out.




After many trials and tribulations we got the little guy out and safely into a crate for transport. He was a fiesty little guy, but very cute!










Watch those fingers Jess!

We loaded him up in the back of one of our trusty Rangers and took him out to a field near where he hitched his ride to let him go.







C'mon get out of there!

C’mon get out of there!



It took a little coaxing, but we got him out of the crate and on his way. I didn’t know that the little buggers could run so fast, but he bolted right for the first tall grass he could see and was gone.




Bye Bye!!

Bye Bye!!

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