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Did you know: if you have a webpage, any weasel that wants to can copy the images and content from it, set up a dummy site with a similar address, and start to defraud the public?

It’s true! Metro Delivery has discovered that some weasel has done just that to our website, again.

This time operating from the phony address of metrodeliveryintl.com, with a Chicago phone number, an unlikely address in South Yorkshire, UK, and an IP address of , some sneaky malfeasors have copied our webpages and are running some kind of scam where they pretend to have parcels that can be claimed with, we presume, the payment of some kind of fees. We keep hearing from the poor hapless Europeans and Africans whom they’re stringing along, and we’re warning them off, but it’s kind of tiresome.

Here’s a screenshot of the scam metrodeliveryintl site (click on it to see it better). The Illinois phone number (312) 463-9232 seems to go to a pager, but that really is our 800 number below it. Those also really are pictures of us, because we don’t hire actors to pretend to be us on our website. Although we’re starting to consider it.







We’ve reported the activity to the Internet Crime Division of the FBI, sent them a cease and desist order, and  have contacted their host- in Germany-, but the site remains up for now. So, just for the record, we are NOT affiliated with metrodeliveryintl.com, and we know them to be weasels.

We apologize for any confusion these weasels might cause for anyone- but there’s not much we can do about it beyond what we’ve done. Anything, any website that appears on a computer monitor can be copied and transferred over to a fake site. The internet is a giant weasel feeding ground.

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