Here Are Some Ideas To Help You Estimate The Size

The items below can substitute for a measuring tape.


A credit card measures about 3.5 inches wide by 2 inches long.

A U.S bill note measures 6 inches wide by 2.5 inches long

IPhone Sizes

Iphone 5C and 5S measures roughly 2.3 inches wide and 4.9 inches long

Iphone 6 measures roughly 2.6 inches wide and 5.5 inches long

Iphone 6+ measures roughly 3 inches wide and 6.2 inches long

Your Height

You know how tall you are.

Sheet of Paper

A standard sheet of paper is 8.5” * 11”  A legal sheet of paper is 8.5” * 14”

Tips for the future

Measure your hand and fingers.

Measure your foot with your current shoe on.

If you still feel uncertain about size or weight, give us a call at (734) 973-0973 or send us picture to of the item you want shipped.

Remember if we have to send a larger vehicle, or one with a higher weight capacity, you could be looking at extra charges along with delayed delivery.

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