Hire Your Own Driver Or Hire Metro Delivery

If you hire your own driver, you will have to:

· Make sure their driving record is clean

· Train them

· Provide Insurance

· Maintain the Vehicle

Employees tend to do jack rabbit takeoffs, harsh braking, hard cornering, or speeding when driving a company car. We have ways to track our employees driving behaviors on the road so they refrain from doing these things which helps keep your stuff safe.

Think about what happens if your driver calls in sick or goes on vacation.

Your vehicle may not be big enough which would require you to rent a bigger truck.

Let’s focus on renting a truck for a moment.

It takes time to find a truck rental, drive to the truck, fill out paperwork, and place insurance on the truck.  You’ll also need to make sure you have the correct license to drive the truck. This means having a Class A or B license with an air brakes endorsement and a chauffeur license.

Then you have to look over the truck for damage before you take the truck, drive to the location, load the truck, drive to another location, unload the truck, head back to the rental location, clean the truck, fuel the truck, hope no damage is done to the truck, and then take the truck back to rental location.

Inspect the truck again…

Hope the rental place agrees that you have not damaged the truck, and you have refueled the truck to their specifications.

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Since we have a fleet of vehicles and personnel on standby, we can get your load on the road ASAP. Also if any of our vehicles experience any type of problem, such as a flat tire, within minutes of the problem we send another vehicle out so we can get your load back on the move quickly with very little delay.

Let Metro Delivery take the load off your shoulders. Click Here to get a quick quote from Metro Delivery now.

Since our drivers drive the roads every day, we know the best routes to take with the smoothest roads. We can handle all your shipments whether you need a driver for the hour, day, week, month, or year.

We often fill in for companies that just have too much freight for their current drivers. Also, when a company’s truck breaks down or the driver is out sick, on vacation or for whatever reason.

We can send a qualified driver to your location right away. Give us a call at (734) 973-0973, and we will send a skilled driver to meet any shipping needs you have.

Metro Delivery can have a car, van, truck, box truck, tow truck, stake truck or tractor trailer sent to your location ASAP.  We can even handle hazmat loads. Not only that, but our drivers can handle the paperwork, getting you signatures at drop-offs, returning delivery receipts to you and more.

We treat your freight like it belongs to us. Click Here to get a skilled driver today.

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