About You

If you’re one of Metro’s clients:

You like being in charge, definitely. You like dealing with people who know how to keep promises. You want a fair price, great service and people who know your name.

You’ll get all that. From mail to manufacturing parts, we know how to get things from one place to another, safely and securely. We carry lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, HazMat shipments, pallets of retail goods, live animals, industrial prototypes, confidential documents and lunch from the local delicatessen, all properly handled.

And if your needs fall outside the norm, perhaps even straying across the weird line, not to worry. Our idea of normal is truckloads of bananas, critical medical tests for penguins and stuffed wild African boars – yes, those are real case histories.

Outside the norm can also mean difficult in some kind of way. If your needs require special planning, sensitivity and consideration, well, the below case histories demonstrate that we can deduce the solution to your delivery dilemma.

Special handling? No worries. We make it our business to know and train for universal protocols, government regulations and industry standards.

Meet some of our customers. Maybe you’ve got something in common.

Customer Case Histories:

THE CASE OF THE MAROONED YACHT- The yacht, scheduled to sail next week from Florida to exotic ports, has broken down and needs a new, rare imported motor. There’s only one other of these motors available in the States, and it’s sitting on a dock in Toledo, Ohio. It’s a huge motor- fills the interior of a cargo van- and weighs a couple thousand pounds. A Metro dedicated driver picks it up Friday, and by first thing Monday morning the mechanics are hoisting the motor into the Yacht in Florida.

THE CASE OF THE LAST-MINUTE MIRRORS – Without a steady stream of rear-view mirrors, production will shut down at a Detroit auto assembly plant. Starting at 2:00 a.m., private planes begin ferrying consecutive shipments of mirrors “hot off the line” from Tennessee to DTW. Metro drivers meet those incoming planes, deliver the mirrors to assembly plant, return to airport and so it goes through the night.

THE CASE OF THE CHINESE COFFINS – Entrepreneur has purchased 42 Chinese coffins and is distributing them to funeral homes in Southeastern Michigan. They’re delivered in a truck, all piled up Chinese-puzzle style so they have to be unloaded by hand and stored for several months until the funeral homes get more… clients. Metro Drivers pass the coffins down off the truck and store them spookily in our secure warehouse, to be distributed as needed. Talk about Final-Mile Delivery!

THE CASE OF THE RETIRED BIG GAME HUNTER – 47 fearsome stuffed African animal trophies, hanging on the walls and crouching in the corners of a private estate are carefully removed by 2  Metro animal handlers, loaded carefully into a van and herded to an auction house in downtown Detroit, antlers, tusks and all.

THE CASE OF THE APPROPRIATED KEYS – “I don’t know if you do anything like this, but I’m in Melvindale and I took my husband’s keys to work with me and I don’t have time to go back to my house in Hamtramck and he can’t get to work himself without them and can you help?” Sure, no problem, Metro will be right there.

THE CASE OF THE REMAINING BRIEFCASE  – Executive leaves his briefcase, full of proprietary materials, at meeting site in Ann Arbor. Plane is in the air carrying executive to Chicago; briefcase is traveling below on the ground, secure in Metro custody, heading west for same-day reunion with owner.


Our customer needs multiple integrated routes of 539 time sensitive, medical deliveries requiring pick-up and delivery within a 15-minute allowance, scheduled daily, with special handling for a variety of freight – high value, climate-controlled, fragile, bulky and bio-hazardous. They want 24/7/365 responsiveness and specialized training, and customized pricing.

They get it! Metro runs the relay race daily, and we’ve been running it for well over a decade- passing those batons along.



A mountain of bananas is loaded on a broken truck and threatening to rot, unless we find somebody to deliver them bunch-by-bunch to 150 convenience stores all over Michigan’s lower peninsula.

The PR guy who tells that story is plenty stressed. Those bananas are the centerpiece of is produce promotion, already heavily publicized, so more is at stake than a monkey’s lunch.

Banana bread is not an option. Suffice to say, those bunches of potassium-loaded, self-wrapped goodies get to their multitudinous destinations with no slips, via Metro Delivery.


There’s peril in the penguinarium when a mysterious disease is detected in the colony at the Detroit Zoo! Metro Drivers work through the night, delivering samples every few hours directly from the zoo to the best research laboratory that the University of Michigan has to offer.

Our zoological roster doesn’t stop there. We can transport all kinds of veterinary specimens, lab animals, and pets, as approved under under U.S.D.A. guidelines.


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