The Metro Delivery Purple Heart is Awarded to:

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…The noble if impulsive Clyde, who was critically injured in the line of duty, charging through a plate-glass door to protect Metro President Sarah Talbot from the UPS Guy.

The UPS Guy was observed by Clyde approaching Clyde’s Domain in what Clyde perceived to be a suspicious manner. And so Clyde figured he’d better take care of him.

We hasten to note that the UPS Guy was unhurt, just unhappily surprised at the near-mortally wounded dog crashing to his feet in a shower of glass.*

We have explained to Clyde that he really doesn’t need to defend us from other Delivery Companies, although we appreciate that he’s willing, if necessary, to sacrifice even to the point of severing arteries and tendons and requiring tourniquets and emergency trips to surgery, and all that.

Clyde is expected to be healed up by Christmas, so Santa Claus might want to plan his approach on Clyde’s house carefully.

*The UPS Guy will henceforth be dropping and picking up all of the President’s packages at a less exciting location: the Pet Shop up the street.

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