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Illuminated Metro Santa Emerges for the Season

One of the great things about driving around all day is finding the free things that people leave at the curb. People throw the most amazing stuff out.

For instance, our glowy Santa was found discarded- orphaned, even- head down in a dumpster, actually- but he’s been brightening our holidays here at Metro for the last three years.

Saved from the landfill and shining on as a proud yard-high beacon of redemption.


Video and Pics from the 2012 Ann Arbor Jaycees 4th of July Parade with METRO DELIVERY

Jul 5, 2012   //   by Metro Delivery   //   Employee Highlights, Events, News, News Stories  //  No Comments

Metro Delivery: 2012 Jaycees 4th of July Parade In Ann Arbor, MI from Metro Delivery on Vimeo.

It was 101 Degrees! We delivered 804 Beachballs! We won 3rd place in the Parade! Hooray for the Glorious 4th!


Metro Detroit Courier Tip: North/South Street Formula

Jun 19, 2012   //   by Metro Delivery   //   Employee Highlights, Historical Artifacts, News, News Stories  //  No Comments

Another Public Service Announcement to our Couriers, and offered freely to the Public at Large:

Metro Detroit is laid out in a grid! The North/South Streets have consistent addresses!

Ancient Metro knowledge offers this simple 3-step formula for figuring the Mile road nearest an address on North/South Streets in Detroit, i.e.  Schoenherr, Gratiot, Van Dyke, Mound, Livernois, Southfield, Telegraph, etc:


Example: Let’s say you wanted to go Vern Haney’s Restaurant for their famous “Centerline Cheese Soup.”

Vern Haney’s can be found at 244447 Van Dyke.

1. 24447 -5000=19447

2. 19447 %2 = 97235

3. 97235 %1000 =9.7235

…and indeed, you’ll soon be eating Cheese Soup in Vern Haney’s Family Restaurant, a classic diner in a building that once housed  a Howard Johnson’s, between 9 and 10 mile road,  a little closer to 10 Mile than 9 Mile (9.7).

…this formula was passed down from primeval Metro Drivers, who rode mastodons and did not have GPS devices leading them around like little electronic mommies.





Metro on a Yacht

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No, it’s not the new vehicle for us to do our deliveries in.

The Detroit Regional Chamber had a reception yesterday down on the Riverfront by the Renaissance Center, and the Metro Business Development Manager put on his yachting cap and went to enjoy some snacks and the terrific view of the river, while making valuable business connections etc.

Thanks to the Detroit Regional Chamber for the event- it was a splendid time!

P.S. No, the Business Development Manager does not LITERALLY have a yachting cap. But if they keep having events on this boat he may have to get one eventually.





Metro Delivery Joins the Detroit Regional Chamber

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Here’s another affiliation we’re excited about: we’re now Detroit Regional Chamber  Members. It’s about time, after 28 years of driving all over the Metro Detroit Area.

We’re looking forward to the networking, educational and social events- and the commanding view from their offices on the 19th floor of One Woodward, within easy walking distance of Lafayette Coney Island.





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