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Metro Delivery: Chillin’

We hear that the Great Lakes are 62% iced over so far. This is fantastic news for us, as soon we’ll be able to drive straight across the lakes and avoid the toll roads, bridges and tunnels.

Satellite picture from Space Science And Engineering Center- University of Wisconsin – Madison




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Farewell, Vehicle 141, and we’re sorry, Mr. Deer, and we hope the 2 guys who threw you in their trunk appreciated your contribution to sustainably harvested local cuisine.


The brisk and invigorating fall months of October and November are the Deer’s natural vehicle hunting season.

Another thing to keep in mind is that deer travel in GANGS.

Don’t be distracted watching that one in the field up ahead that just ran across the road, LOOK OUT FOR HIS POSSE BECAUSE THEY’RE POISED TO ATTACK FROM THE SHRUBBERIES.

There were nearly 50,000 vehicle-deer crashes in Michigan in 2012. Only one human was killed in Michigan, but nobody seems to count the deer fatalities. Harsh.

The below recent incident, we can attest, resulted in no human injury except for minor psychological scarring, but today the world is one deer and one Ford Transit less. (Thanks for the photo, Dale!)



Metro Delivery to Attend ECA Marketplace Event in Texas

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…It’s coming up in just a couple of weeks- Metro Delivery has been a Five-Star Member of the Express Carriers Association for seven or eight years, and we always appreciate the networking and educational opportunities presented at the ECA’s Annual Marketplace Event.

The Business Development Cowboy is a-loadin’ up his saddlebags fer a rip-snortin’ Texan time with a posse o’ other Transportation Professionals from across the country.  Further dispatches to follow!


Toys for Tots Appreciation Certificate

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Thank YOU, Toys for Tots, for the 2,500 children in Washtenaw County that had a better Holiday this year because of your efforts. We’re proud to be of assistance.


Announcing the Metro Raffle Winner!

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The Question:

“What were the three telephone area codes that covered the whole lower peninsula of Michigan in the year Henry Ford died?”

The winner of the raffle, one of only 4 people offering the correct response ( 313,517, 616) was one J.W.P., who was simultaneously applying for a job as a Courier here at Metro Delivery.

The prize this month: a $50 gift card from Busch’s Grocery store! HAPPY HOLIDAYS J.W.P.!

And, coincidentally, after and independent of the fact of her winning, we hear that she’s to be offered the job here as well. It’s true that employees and relatives can’t win the raffle- but she absolutely won it fair and square, before we even interviewed her.

HOORAY for J.W.P.! Below, some of the incorrect responses that we got to the question:

810, 517, 616 -(close!)

662 -(that’s just one Area Code!  And not even one of the 3 correct Area Codes!)

761 -(See comment directly above)

YES  -(No!)

London -(…what?)











Metro Delivery Will Take Your Food and Toys

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…and we’ll give the food to Food Gatherers and the Toys to Toys for Tots!


We donate our delivery services and do a Holiday company donation drive for both excellent organizations, and we’ll see that they get any toys or food you want to hand off to our Couriers, whenever you see them, during the holiday season!

Toys for Tots wants new, unwrapped but packaged toys-

Food gatherers offers the following List of most requested items:

• Tuna Fish or other canned fish or meat
• Beef Stew, Meat Soups
• Hearty Soups
• Canned Spaghetti or Pasta
• Chili
• Beans (kidney, pinto, green, yellow, refried or black beans)
• Baby Food or Formula
• Ensure or other nutritional supplement drinks
• Rice
• Dry Beans
• Noodles, Macaroni
• Powdered Milk
• Pancake or Baking Mixes
• Cereal/Oatmeal
• Granola Bars
• Peanut Butter
• Jelly (in plastic jars)
We also collect (unopened)
Personal Care Items:
• Diapers
• Toothpaste
• Toothbrushes
• Soap
• Shampoo
• Disposable Razors
**Food Gatherers does not accept opened containers and expired products, and asks that you avoid items in glass as they sometimes break in transit. Thank You!



Chihuahua Warning Sign

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Having recently added Hector the chihuahua to the Metro menagerie, we found the posting of this warning sign necessary after a couple of close calls due to Hector’s diminutive stature and our fast-footed working environment…

We offer the sign to all other chihuahua owners, to print & display, in hopes of  reducing chihuahua risk for the general public.

Click on the image for a printable copy!


Metro Delivery Trying to Make Vehicles Talk to Each Other

The University of Michigan Transportation research institute had a big soiree this Morning to launch the largest study ever done on Smart Vehicle Technology- and Metro Delivery was there, as a volunteer participant in the study.

Metro delivery vehicles- and soon several thousand other vehicles belonging to local individuals and businesses-  are being equipped with special UM-designed tracking devices that communicate with traffic signals, landmarks, and other vehicles, to gather data.

U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was on hand to express the Federal Government’s support for the study, which everyone hopes will result in drastically reduced accidents and enhanced fuel efficiencies.

Imagine traffic lights that turn green because you’re coming towards them, or a warning from your dashboard when collision is imminent.  Imagine your car knowing when there’s been an accident 500 yards ahead on a dark wet highway, and you can immediately begin to grasp the implications for public safety. Imagine a car that can listen to the other vehicles on the road and take their advice to reroute you around traffic jams and you start to think about the tremendous savings in fuel economy. We’re proud to be a part of it!

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder stood to proclaim himself a “nerd”  in support of the project and Congressman John Dingell  drew a large hand of applause when he said that he looked forward to a day when not only vehicles but also people could communicate with each other.

The system was demonstrated to local members of the Media, who were given test drives in vehicles equipped with the technology.

Metro thanks our friends at UMTRI for the opportunity to be a part of this exciting study of developing vehicle-to-vehicle technology! Pictures below!




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