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Scenes from a Very Metro Holiday Season

Dec 16, 2011   //   by Metro Delivery   //   Events, News, News Stories  //  No Comments

…it all started when we spotted the above elf in the warehouse.

…the next thing we know, people are wearing penguins on their heads.

Throngs of gift baskets and boxes multiply and spread throughout our normally spacious and tidy warehouse and into the conference room.

…there’s still eight shopping days left ’til Christmas, and we’ve already delivered literally hundreds of gift baskets and boxes for local companies & merchants.

We love the gift basket business! Messengers always appreciate the opportunity to be the bearers of good news & glad tidings.

Serendipitously, the above splendid, abandoned Santa Claus was found by the side of the road, issued a shiny new lightbulb, and put to work illuminating our holiday operations.



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