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Happy Fat Tuesday!

Yes, it’s Michigan, and it’s Fat Tuesday, and while at warmer latitudes that means a giant bacchanal with wine and dancing and music, here in Michigan it means just this: PACZKI.

This year, we’re offering our staff Paczki Varietals, so that we can feel like they’re having different food groups at each meal.

From left to right in the picture below, you see 1. Paczki from Dom’s Bakery in Ypsilanti, 2. from Copernicus European Deli, in the South Main Market in Ann Arbor who get them shipped in from a Canadian Polish Bakery overnight, including authentic “rose” and “plum/prune” flavors,  and 3. the powdered- sugar-coated ones on the right are via Washtenaw Dairy, made by the Manchester Bakery.

2014 paczki varietals













…honestly, we can’t say that our Couriers run their fastest on Fat Tuesdays.


Nona’s Story

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Late last fall as it was starting to get colder, especially at night, she started coming round in the evening looking for food or warmth, something. One of our drivers, Bob Bazzell, took pity on her and started bringing in cat  food so he could feed her before getting on the road.

 Next thing you knew, we had an official Office Cat. She was in bad shape back then, so emaciated her backbone felt like the edge of a table knife, her coat worse to the touch than it looked and it looked pretty bad. The vet said starved as she was, she’d lost the strength to keep herself clean.

 We thought she was a kitten, six or eight months old we guessed. Surprise, vet said ten years old. That was shocking and kind of dismaying. She had a flea collar, too small it was digging into her neck, and she’d obviously been around people so she wasn’t feral.

 Did she get lost or did somebody just put such an old cat out? We put her picture up on the Found Cats section at the Humane Society, but nobody ever claimed her. And nobody had reported her missing. The name we gave her came from having “no name,” which is what the vet first put on her medical records.

 But her favorite person, Jessica Nowling, calls her Kitty Meow Meow. She sleeps (a lot) under Jessica’s desk and ventures forth as she will. She always has a full food bowl and all the attention she deems desirable. She is an inside cat who knows what outside is and wants no more of it.


Bob says he’s sure she still remembers he was the one who brought her in. She is plump now  pleasingly so and her coat is all clean and shiny and nice to touch. She rules with an iron paw, queen of all she surveys. We all have a new boss now.


No HAZMAT Allowed on the Ambassador Bridge

The Michigan Department of Transportation has decided that public safety would not be enhanced by allowing corrosive and flammable materials to be transported over the Ambassador Bridge.

This is the latest development in an ongoing petition from the owner of the bridge, Matty Maroun, who has been trying since 2008 to allow hazardous materials to cross his bridge.

Hazmat loads are currently carried across the Detroit River by a ferry, 30 to 50 loads a day.





Metro Looks Forward to the New International Trade Crossing

Aug 24, 2012   //   by Metro Delivery   //   Employee Highlights, Events, News, Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Metro Delivery attended a terrific presentation by Dr. Roy Norton, Canada’s Consul General in Detroit, regarding the new Detroit/Windsor bridge project now finally, finally moving forward.

Metro has operating authority in Ontario for deliveries to and from the U.S.,  and all the time we’re carrying time-critical deliveries back and forth over the 83-year-old-Ambassador Bridge, with the 8-10,000 other trucks daily, through all seventeen traffic lights to the freeway through the long-suffering downtown of Windsor.  Take our word for it, we could use another bridge that connects directly to the freeway.

Click on the “NITC” link below for a printable PDF of the information sheet from the Consulate General of Canada which was distributed at the meeting; it has a lot of clear information on the new bridge.

NITC – The Facts

We are really looking forward to a second bridge, as are many of our clients, waiting for supplies and parts to keep their factories and businesses productive and on line- let’s hope the new International Trade Crossing proceeds with all possible speed, despite the well-funded campaign being waged against it.

Thanks to the A2Y Chamber for this informative event! Here’s the article from Ann .




Penguin News: New Penguins at the Detroit Zoo

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Presto, official penguin & mascot of Metro Delivery, would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new penguins in town, recently arrived from the defunct seabird exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago and currently chilling around 11 mile and Woodward.

Presto would like to assure the rockhoppers that they’ll find the Detroit Metro area to be a rockin’, hoppin’ and totally cool place to perch, and speaking of perch, he knows a terrific delivery company to deliver cratefuls of fish, if anyone’s feeling peckish after the long waddle from the West.


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