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New Faces

I’m going to take some time today to introduce some new faces here in Metroland.

Coery is an ex employee from way back in the day. Before his illustrious return, he sent his son Evan to test the proverbial waters which must have been just fine because here he is!

Corey Austin

Evan Drake-Austin

Evan Drake-Austin



















Hi! Melinda!

Our newest dispatcher is Melinda Jones who has spent the last couple weeks getting a feel for how we do things on the road and is now settling herself into the office. We all look forward to working with her and know that she’s going to be a valuable addition to our desk jockey crew!


Everyone Loves a Parade!


We had an awesome time at the parade on Friday! We passed out over a thousand beach balls, we walked a few miles, and we made a lot of new friends!

Thank you to everyone who came out! We had managers, drivers, friends, and family show up to help pass out beach balls and to make sure everything was safe while the vehicles went along.


Box truck 145 was there with a Kyler on the roof!Parade4Parade2

And car 147 was there with a dispatcher in the driver seat!










We passed through packed streets and heard a wave of cheers as we went by.


I’m sure it had nothing to do with the beach balls!!


Ready for the Parade!!

The trucks are being washed, the beach balls are inflated and we are ready to roll out at the Ann Arbor Jaycees parade tomorrow morning! I can’t wait to see everybody there! I’ll be the one in the red shirt…


Fourth of July Parade 2014!

We’ll be participating in Ann Arbor’s 4th of July parade again this year. We hope everyone can get out to see us! We’ll have a few vehicles including our largest truck and there will be mini beachballs! It has been an awesome event for the last several years and of course I will have pictures in a couple of weeks!

This was 2 years ago. We had the BEST time!

This was 2 years ago. We had the BEST time!


Congrats JP!!


Great Work JP!


This is nice!

Thought everyone would be interested in this.

HomeownershipFlyer 2014


Groundhog Day in June!


Here Hoggy hoggy hoggy!!!


When our driver Dick Nolan came to work Monday morning, he brought along a special passenger in his engine compartment. It was a groundhog! He called the Humane Society when he noticed it and they promptly dispatched an animal rescue officer to help get it out.




After many trials and tribulations we got the little guy out and safely into a crate for transport. He was a fiesty little guy, but very cute!










Watch those fingers Jess!

We loaded him up in the back of one of our trusty Rangers and took him out to a field near where he hitched his ride to let him go.







C'mon get out of there!

C’mon get out of there!



It took a little coaxing, but we got him out of the crate and on his way. I didn’t know that the little buggers could run so fast, but he bolted right for the first tall grass he could see and was gone.




Bye Bye!!

Bye Bye!!


Goodbye Rev!!

When Metro Delivery merged with ParaTransit in 2001, the most valuable thing we acquired wasn’t a client or a vehicle. It was a manager. Sebastian Wreford has been an unsurpassed resource when it comes to all of our needs, including art, sales, and most importantly being a center of stability whenever things become chaotic. Over his time here he has been the heart of our company, an avuncular figure who gives advice to anyone who asks. I’ve personally learned more lessons about work, management, and life in general from him than anyone else I’ve worked with.


Thank you Sebastian for all of your calm wisdom in wild times. Thank you for making this office a bright and colorful place full of art, soul, and one of the craziest assortments of musical taste that I’ve ever had fill my ears. Thank you for performing my wedding, and those of so many others of the staff. Thank you for years of hard lessons with a laid back attitude.


From all of us here at Metro: Thank You and Good Luck! Food Gatherers won the lottery and all of the people of our area are going to be better off because of it.


At least it hasn’t rained this much…


Image from Mlive:


Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Bryan Martz on his selection as Driver of the Month!!

Sarah says:

“Again, I will keep this low key because I know how much Bryan hates the limelight, so just a simple ‘Thank you, Bryan, for all that you do!!’”

We all know how hard Bryan works around here and truly appreciate it. So thanks Bryan, and congratulations again!!


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