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Fall in Michigan!

The leaves are changing, kids are back in school and it is yet another beautiful Autumn here in fabulous Pure Michigan!

Here duck duck duck duck!!

Here duck duck duck duck!!

I recently got to experience this view on a run out to Grand Rapids and we’d love to see and hear what kind of views you’ve seen while out in this wonderful weather!

look at all the pretty colors! From Spaaaaaaace!!

Look at all the pretty colors! From Spaaaaaaace!!


Big, Bigger, Biggest

Metro’s fleet is getting larger every day. Not only in terms of more vehicles, but more importantly, in terms of the size of our vehicles. Due to inevitable changes in the nature of the courier business our freight has been getting larger and larger over the years. In the past few months we have been catching up with that demand by finding a whole bunch of box trucks and even this bad boy.

Look at that muscle!

Look at that muscle!

The new trucks are fully equipped to take whatever a client can throw at them and we’re still bringing in new drivers to handle them. We currently have 8 big trucks and still more on the way so if you or anyone you know needs a whole lot of stuff moved around, you know who to call!!


The Continuing Adventures of the Metro Delivery Animal Brigade!

This morning our intrepid Fleet Manager John Arms found this happy guy in Western Ann Arbor on his way into work!


Isn't he cute?

Isn’t he cute?

After a flurry of Facebook posts and tweets, this Social Media Dude took him down to the WestArbor Animal Hospital and had him scanned for a chip. After quite a while on the phone we found out his name is Lucky and that he apparently passed away in 2011… Anyway, the phone number on file was still good and his owner showed up to take him home from there!LuckyThanks to John, the staff at WestArbor and everyone else who helped get this adorable guy back with his family!



Wide Load!

While I was driving back from Muskegon, Mi the other day I passed some of the neatest things you can see on the highway… Three giant semis with full “oversize load” pilot cars and the the whole shebang hauling 100 foot long vanes for a wind turbine.



Very cool…

Then, a few miles farther up the road I saw another pilot car. I got very excited to see what it was going to be! As I approached the truck I finally came to realize that this one and the one ahead of it were hauling some steel I-beams that were slightly longer than could be allowed without the rigamarole…. From the pinnacle of modern technology to some slightly weathered metal I felt I had seen that day the full spectrum of wide loads, the most interesting and the least.

This is a call going out to all drivers professional and otherwise. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen going down the highway on the back of a truck? let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page. Pics are of course the best way to prove it!


New Faces

I’m going to take some time today to introduce some new faces here in Metroland.

Coery is an ex employee from way back in the day. Before his illustrious return, he sent his son Evan to test the proverbial waters which must have been just fine because here he is!

Corey Austin

Evan Drake-Austin

Evan Drake-Austin



















Hi! Melinda!

Our newest dispatcher is Melinda Jones who has spent the last couple weeks getting a feel for how we do things on the road and is now settling herself into the office. We all look forward to working with her and know that she’s going to be a valuable addition to our desk jockey crew!


Everyone Loves a Parade!


We had an awesome time at the parade on Friday! We passed out over a thousand beach balls, we walked a few miles, and we made a lot of new friends!

Thank you to everyone who came out! We had managers, drivers, friends, and family show up to help pass out beach balls and to make sure everything was safe while the vehicles went along.


Box truck 145 was there with a Kyler on the roof!Parade4Parade2

And car 147 was there with a dispatcher in the driver seat!










We passed through packed streets and heard a wave of cheers as we went by.


I’m sure it had nothing to do with the beach balls!!


Ready for the Parade!!

The trucks are being washed, the beach balls are inflated and we are ready to roll out at the Ann Arbor Jaycees parade tomorrow morning! I can’t wait to see everybody there! I’ll be the one in the red shirt…


Fourth of July Parade 2014!

We’ll be participating in Ann Arbor’s 4th of July parade again this year. We hope everyone can get out to see us! We’ll have a few vehicles including our largest truck and there will be mini beachballs! It has been an awesome event for the last several years and of course I will have pictures in a couple of weeks!

This was 2 years ago. We had the BEST time!

This was 2 years ago. We had the BEST time!


Congrats JP!!


Great Work JP!


This is nice!

Thought everyone would be interested in this.

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